Palisades Reservoir is in a scenic valley with forested hillsides rising from the water to the towering snowcapped mountains which form the background. The reservoir has about 70 miles of shoreline and six access roads have been built. Public use facilities include five campgrounds, five picnic areas, and six boat ramps. Two boat clubs have facilities on the reservoir and private cabins have been constructed under permit from the Forest Service. Fishing, motorized and non-motorized boating are all popular activities on the reservoir.

Thousands of travellers have marveled at the spectacular east face which towers above when you reach the curve near Wolf Creek. When the face is snow covered it resembles a fluted Andean mountain face. It has a different characteristic then most of the other peaks in the area. Even from far away Ferry Peak stands out due to its different shape and form. The north side above Indian Creek is seldom seen or explored, but it is also spectacular with a beautiful cirque with broken cliffs.

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There are plenty of dining options around when cooking is out of the nights agenda. Some of the options around are; Yankee Doodle's Cafe, The Nordic Inn, and Driftwood Pizzeria. No matter the palate you will find something to satisfy it in Alpine, WY!